Transparent Window Bird Feeder House for Gardens & Patios
Transparent Window Bird Feeder House for Gardens & Patios Original price was: $25.99.Current price is: $15.99.
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Acrylic Window Bird Feeder with Extended Roof & Slide Tray
Acrylic Window Bird Feeder with Extended Roof & Slide Tray Original price was: $46.99.Current price is: $39.00.

Acrylic Window Bird Feeder – Clear View, Easy Fill, Weatherproof

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Original price was: $24.99.Current price is: $19.99.



Bring the beauty of nature right to your window with our Acrylic Transparent Window Bird Feeder. Designed for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, this high-quality bird feeder offers a front-row seat to observe wild birds in their natural habitat. Whether you’re in your living room, kitchen, or study, enjoy the captivating sight of feathered friends visiting your home. Ideal for families, the feeder provides educational entertainment for children and guests, making it a perfect addition to any household.


  • Material: Durable Acrylic
  • Features: Automatic, with 3 hooks for easy installation
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Suitable for Birds
  • Package Includes: 1x Bird Feeder, 3x Suction Cups, 3x Hooks

Key Features:

  • Clear Observation: Featuring a built-in observation window and a transparent acrylic design, our bird feeder offers unmatched clarity for bird watching. The crystal-clear material ensures no condensation between the window and feeder, providing an unobstructed view of birds up close.
  • All-Weather Durability: Equipped with a weatherproof casing and an extended roof, our feeder ensures seeds stay dry and fresh. The innovative design includes paper tray holes and 4 strong suction cups, making it virtually squirrel-proof and resistant to all weather conditions.
  • Easy Refill System: The feeder comes with a convenient sliding feeding tray, making refills a breeze. There’s no need to remove the entire feeder—simply slide out the tray, refill it with seeds, and place it back, all without disturbing your setup.
  • Educational & Fun: A fantastic way to introduce children to the beauty of wildlife, our bird feeder also acts as a great educational tool. It’s not only fun for kids but provides a mesmerizing view for adults, ensuring hours of nature watching.
  • Easy to Install & Maintain: With no complicated assembly required, the feeder can be easily secured to any window glass using the provided suction cups. Its maintenance is just as effortless, promoting bird health through a built-in circulation vent system to prevent mold growth in the tray.

Elevate your bird-watching experience with our Acrylic Transparent Window Bird Feeder. It’s not just a feeder; it’s a window to the fascinating world of birds, designed for durability, convenience, and the enjoyment of nature.

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